I thought I would do something different instead of a follow forever. It’s similar in many ways. I call this my family forever. These are the people who are basically my family since I’ve started role playing in 2012. 


divum-domus metemspsychotic iknowhowtotieatie / barenakedbullets

littleredcassandra lostmymindstilinski / theangeliclambofgreece bansheexxprincess / beyondxmycontrol ixsaidxreal badassbetaisaac beta-isaac-lahey wolfspirals xonmaitre littleshitlahey dereksinferno theporscheprince lycanstark dontloveamonster isaacicametowinlahey abusedbeta

Honorable Mentions: 

neverwholelahey notmyjeepyoucreep twobigbadwolves thebetatohisalpha unproclaimedalpha theloneliestomega ethanthebroken likeithurtsme / bybetterblood  alphadelameutehumaine  lupocuore salvatorebastard strongforalittlething wreakinghale iremembertwistingit burntbreadpeeta hewilllaughlahey intelligentfinstock a-scorpions-tail amittendimeaanimi imaidenanditscomplicated imethanandtheresadifference

Again, these are just people who I am rather close with. I eventually will make a follow forever.